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  • Easy to use
  • Wide user base
  • Free messaging
  • Inability to verify user identity
  • No background checks on users
  • Lack of safety features for online interactions
  • Potential for catfishing or scams
  • Difficulty in finding compatible matches


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Meet24 – Is It Worth It?


Meet24 is a social networking app that has been around since 2013. It provides users with an opportunity to meet new people, make friends and even find love online. The app is owned by WILDEC LLC, which also owns other popular dating apps such as Hot or Not and Mamba. Meet24 currently boasts over 10 million active users worldwide who are looking for meaningful connections through the platform’s unique features like chat rooms, group chats and instant messaging services.

The target audience of Meet24 includes individuals aged 18-35 years old from all walks of life; whether they be single professionals looking for romance or just someone wanting to expand their social circle – this platform offers something for everyone! Its popularity can be attributed to its user friendly interface combined with innovative tools that help facilitate real conversations between two strangers on opposite sides of the world in a matter of seconds – making it one step closer towards creating true global connectivity! In terms of accessibility, Meet 24 can easily be accessed via both Android & iOS devices using either Google Play Store/Apple App Store respectively OR directly from your web browser (using any device). Registration process requires you to provide basic information about yourself such as name age gender etc., before being able verify your account via email address provided during sign up procedure .Once done ,you will have full access use all features offered by this amazing application !

Currently ,the most popular countries where you can find millions active members include USA , UK Germany France Spain Italy .It’s free download but there some additional options available at small cost if decide upgrade premium version service get more out experience !

How Does Meet24 Work?

Meet24 is a dating app that has been designed to help users find love and friendship. It provides an easy-to-use platform for people from all walks of life, no matter their age or gender. The key features of the Meet24 app include its user friendly interface, which allows you to easily search for potential matches in your area by entering criteria such as age range and location; it also offers private messaging so that users can communicate with each other without revealing personal information until they are ready to do so. Furthermore, there is an advanced matching algorithm built into the system which helps make sure you get accurate results when searching for compatible partners based on your preferences.

The Meet24 app makes finding profiles simple: just enter what type of person you’re looking for (e.g., male/female) along with any additional details like interests or hobbies if desired – then hit ‘search’! You’ll be presented with a list of possible matches within seconds who meet those criteria; simply click on one profile at a time and view their photos before deciding whether they could be someone worth getting in touch with further down the line! There are currently over 10 million active members across five countries including USA, UK Canada France & Germany making this one of largest online communities available today – giving plenty more chances than ever before at meeting ‘the one’.

Once two parties have matched up through mutual interest shown via likes/dislikes etc., communication can begin between them using either text messages sent directly through the application itself or voice calls made free thanks to VoIP technology incorporated into Meet 24’s design – allowing both sides keep talking even after leaving home base WiFi networks behind them while travelling abroad too! Additionally privacy settings allow individuals choose how much contact info they want share publicly depending upon comfort level when interacting others outside immediate circle friends family acquaintances etc.. Finally should situation arise where need block particular individual due inappropriate behaviour concerns safety reasons then blocking feature here come rescue protect yourself harm coming way uninvited guests!.

  • 1.Live Video Calling: Meet24 allows users to make video calls with their friends and family members.
  • 2. Group Chatting: Users can create group chats for up to 500 people, allowing them to stay connected with large groups of people at once.
  • 3. Voice Messages: Send voice messages instead of typing out long texts when you don’t have time or energy!
  • 4. Photo Sharing & Stickers: Share photos and stickers in real-time while chatting with your contacts on Meet24!
  • 5. Location Sharing Feature : Instantly share your location so that others know where you are without having to type it out manually every time .
  • 6 . Profile Customization : Personalize your profile by adding a profile photo , status message , background image etc

Registration – How Easy Is It?

To register on the Meet24 app, users need to download it from their respective App Store and then open the application. They will be asked to enter some basic information such as name, age, gender and email address. After submitting these details they will receive a verification code which needs to be entered in order for them to complete registration process. Once registered successfully users can start searching for potential dates or friends based on their preferences like location or interests etc.. The minimum required age of registering is 18 years old and it’s free of cost so anyone with an internet connection can join this platform without any financial obligations.

  • 1.Name: Users must provide their full name in order to register.
  • 2. Email Address: A valid email address is required for registration and account verification purposes.
  • 3. Password: Users must create a secure password that meets the minimum requirements of 8 characters, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and at least 1 number or special character
  • 4. Date of Birth: Meet24 requires users to enter their date of birth as part of the registration process in order to verify age eligibility (18+).
  • 5 . Mobile Number : All users are required to provide a valid mobile phone number during sign up which will be used for two-factor authentication when logging into an account from new devices/locations etc..
  • 6 . Profile Picture : Uploading profile picture is optional but recommended so other members can easily identify you on your profile page & search results pages etc.. 7 . Gender Selection : The gender selection field allows user’s identity themselves accurately with either male / female option available while registering an account on Meet24 platform .. 8 Terms & Conditions Agreement : Before submitting any form data , all registered members need agree terms & conditions agreement checkbox which states they have read through our policies before signing up successfully !

Design and Usability of Meet24

The Meet24 app has a modern design with bright colors and simple navigation. The profile page is easy to find, as it’s located at the top of the home screen. It allows users to quickly search for other people by age, gender or location. The usability of this app is great; its intuitive interface makes it very user-friendly and easy to use even for beginners. All features are clearly labeled so you can easily access them when needed without any confusion or frustration. If you purchase a paid subscription on Meet24 there are some UI improvements such as additional filters that make finding profiles easier than ever before!

User Profile Quality

Meet24 is a social networking platform that allows users to create profiles and connect with other people. Profiles on Meet24 are public, meaning anyone can view them without having to be connected as friends or followers. Users have the ability to customize their profile bio by adding information about themselves such as interests, hobbies, and even photos if they choose. Additionally there is also a “friends” feature which allows users to add each other so they can stay in touch more easily.

Privacy settings for Meet24 are quite comprehensive allowing users the option of setting who can see what parts of their profile including location info which reveals city but not exact address or distance between two members unless both agree on it being shared publicly . Google sign-in features allow easy access while Facebook login ensures additional security measures against fake accounts from accessing user data.. There may be some benefits for those who subscribe at premium level such as higher visibility within search results when looking up potential connections however this has yet been confirmed officially by meet 24 developers .

Overall , profiles created through meet 24 offer an adequate amount of privacy protection along with customizable options that let you personalize your account according its own unique style . While no indication has been made regarding any extra benefits associated with subscribing at premium levels , it still remains one of most popular platforms available today due its wide range accessibility and various interactive features like friending others etc


Meet24 is a dating website that allows users to connect with each other and find potential partners. The site offers several features such as profile creation, messaging, video chat, photo sharing and more. Users can search for matches based on their interests or location. One of the main advantages of Meet24 is its ease-of-use; it has an intuitive user interface which makes it easy to navigate through the various sections of the website. Additionally, there are no hidden fees associated with using this service so users don’t have to worry about spending money when signing up for a membership plan.

The app version of Meet24 differs from its web counterpart in terms of functionality; while both versions offer similar services such as profile creation and messaging capabilities they differ in terms of convenience since apps tend to be easier access than websites due to their mobile nature – allowing people who may not always have access desktop computers or laptops still use these services regardless if they’re at home or out running errands etc.. On top disadvantages include limited compatibility across different operating systems (iOS vs Android) which means some features might only work on certain devices making them inaccessible otherwise – however most major functions should remain intact despite this issue overall though .

At present time there isn’t any official online dating site available under name "Meet 24" , likely because company’s focus remains primarily geared towards providing mobile application instead . This way customers can take advantage all same benefits without having rely upon browser support ; moreover since majority current population owns smartphones nowadays anyway , developing dedicated software solution simply made much sense economically speaking . Furthermore launching separate platform would require additional resources too like hosting server space & hiring staff maintain manage content regularly thus increasing overhead costs significantly also potentially reducing profits margin drastically over long run as well

Safety & Security

Meet24 is a social dating app that takes security and privacy very seriously. It has several layers of protection to ensure the safety of its users, including verification methods for user accounts, measures against bots and fake accounts, as well as photo review processes.

To verify an account on Meet24, users must provide valid contact information such as email address or phone number which are then verified by SMS code sent via text message. This helps to prevent malicious actors from creating multiple profiles with false identities in order to scam other members out of their personal data or money. Additionally, all photos uploaded by members are manually reviewed before being approved in order to detect any inappropriate content that could be used for fraudulent purposes like catfishing scams or identity theft attempts. Furthermore Meet24 uses AI-based technology combined with manual moderation techniques when it comes down fighting against bots and fake accounts so they can’t spread spam messages across the platform while also preventing them from accessing sensitive user data stored within the system itself . Moreover two-factor authentication (2FA) option is available too; this means every time someone tries logging into your account you will receive a one-time password via text message making sure only authorized individuals have access at all times even if someone else knows your username/password combination details somehow..

When it comes down privacy policy , meet 24 states clearly how each member’s private information collected through registration process will be treated ; They make sure no third parties get involved unless explicit permission granted by individual himself . Any shared pictures taken during chat sessions between two people won’t leave server until both parties agree deleting those files together without leaving any trace behind

Pricing and Benefits

Meet24 is a popular social media app that allows users to connect with friends and family. The basic version of the app is free, but there are also options for paid subscriptions.

The main benefit of getting a paid subscription on Meet24 is access to exclusive features such as more filters, better messaging capabilities, and improved search functions. Paid subscribers can also get priority customer service support if they have any issues or questions about using the app. Here’s an overview of pricing:

  • 1 month plan: $9/month
  • 3 months plan: $25/quarterly (savings of 17%) – 6 months plan :$45/semi-annually (savings 25%)

These prices are quite competitive compared to other similar apps in this space so it could be worth considering investing in one if you’re looking for additional features beyond what’s available with the free version.

If you decide later down the line that you no longer want your subscription then cancelling should be easy enough; simply log into your account settings page and follow instructions from there! Refunds may vary depending on when exactly during your billing cycle cancellation occurs – generally speaking though refunds will not be issued after 14 days from purchase date regardless whether services were used or not within those 14 days window period .

All things considered , while paying for a premium membership might give some extra perks it’s really up to each user’s individual needs as far as whether they actually need one or not !

Help & Support

Meet24 is a social networking app that allows users to connect with friends and family. It provides an easy way for people to stay in touch, share photos, videos and messages. The platform also offers support services for its users who need help or have questions about the service.

The primary way of accessing support on Meet24 is through their online contact form which can be found on their website homepage under ‘Support’ tab at the bottom right corner of the page. This contact form enables you to send your queries directly via email where they will respond within 24 hours depending upon how busy they are at any given time. Additionally, there is also a phone number provided if you wish to speak directly with someone from customer care team during business hours (9am-5pm).

Apart from this direct communication channel offered by Meet24, it has set up an FAQs section as well which contains answers related commonly asked questions such as account setup instructions etc., so one may find solutions quickly without having wait long response times associated with emails/calls made towards customer care representatives


1. Is Meet24 safe?

Meet24 is generally considered to be a safe platform. The website and app have implemented various safety measures in order to protect users from any potential harm or danger. For example, all members must agree to the terms of service before joining Meet24 which includes guidelines for appropriate behavior and communication between members as well as other rules designed with user safety in mind. Additionally, the site has an extensive reporting system that allows users to report suspicious activity or inappropriate content quickly and easily so it can be addressed promptly by moderators. Furthermore, Meet24 also offers its own private messaging feature where messages are encrypted end-to-end ensuring only those involved in a conversation can read them – no one else including Meet24 staff will ever see these conversations unless they’re reported directly by either party involved

2. Is Meet24 a real dating site with real users?

Meet24 is a real dating site with real users. It has been around since 2013 and it currently boasts over 20 million members from all over the world. The website offers its users an opportunity to find love, make friends, or just chat online with people who share similar interests as them. Members can create their own profile and upload photos of themselves in order to attract potential matches. They can also search for other members based on age, location, gender preference and more specific criteria such as hobbies or lifestyle choices like religion or political views if they wish to do so. In addition to this basic functionality Meet24 also provides various features that help enhance user experience such as instant messaging services where you can get into direct contact with someone without having your personal information revealed until both parties are comfortable enough sharing it publicly; private photo albums which allow you control who sees what images; live video streaming capabilities allowing two-way communication between interested individuals; group chats enabling multiple conversations at once etcetera . All these features combined make Meet24 one of the most popular dating sites out there today!

3. How to use Meet24 app?

Using the Meet24 app is a great way to meet new people and make connections. To get started, you’ll need to download the app from your device’s respective store (Google Play or App Store). Once downloaded, open up the app and create an account by entering some basic information about yourself such as age, gender and location. After creating your profile, you can start browsing other users’ profiles in order to find someone that interests you. You can send messages directly through their profile page or add them as friends if they accept it. You also have access to various chat rooms where members with similar interests gather together for conversations on different topics of interest like music, movies etc.. Additionally there are many games available within this application which makes meeting new people even more fun! All these features combined make Meet24 one of the best social networking apps out there today – so don’t miss out on all its benefits!

4. Is Meet24 free?

Yes, Meet24 is free to use. The app allows users to create a profile and search for potential matches without having to pay any fees. It also provides access to messaging services that can be used between two members who have matched with each other. Additionally, the app offers several features such as virtual gifts and photo sharing which are all available at no cost. With its wide range of options, Meet24 makes it easy for people from around the world find their perfect match in an affordable way!

5. Is Meet24 working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Meet24 is working and it can be a great way to find someone. It is an online dating service that allows users to connect with others in their area who are looking for relationships or just friendship. The site has a variety of features such as private messaging, chat rooms, profile customization options and more. Users can also search by age range, gender preference and location so they can easily find people near them who share similar interests or goals. With its user-friendly interface and easy navigation tools you will have no trouble finding someone special on Meet24!


In conclusion, Meet24 is a great app for finding partners for dating. It has an intuitive design and easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to navigate around the app. The safety and security features are robust, with users having access to block or report other members if needed. Help and support are also available through the FAQs section on their website as well as email contact options should any issues arise during use of the platform. Finally, user profile quality is generally good; however there have been some reports of fake profiles which could be improved upon by introducing stricter verification processes when creating accounts in order to ensure authenticity across all users’ profiles on Meet24 . All things considered, this review found that overall Meet 24 offers a reliable service with plenty of useful features making it one of our top picks when searching for potential dates online!

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